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US Captured & Disseminated OPERATION GREIF order

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This is both prime military history and, I think, offers useful background for potential scenarios, too. The article not only discusses the capture of the crucial information and the chain of people and time it took to reach First Army HQ, be analyzed and disseminated, but provides a full English translation of the captured doc itself. If what ifs are your thing, consider that Skorzeny was blown off when he asked for captured American AFVs and MT, because owning commands refused to release them--by ignoring his request or falsely claiming they had none. But what if he had gotten even modest cooperation on qualified English speakers and AFVs and MT? Look at the havoc a poorly prepared largely untrained mere 44 men in 10 jeeps caused. No idea how to craft such a scenario, but I bet someone here could figure out a way to get the right effect.  


Here is a useful article on what Skorzeny had and what he was able to with it.



John Kettler

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