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Free French?

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17 minutes ago, gregb41352 said:

Gonna fire it up tonight.

great! If you see anything odd looking, please stop, you can take a screenshot and I can triage it before you play on. It is almost impossible for my brain capacity to avoid some mod conflict with all the bells and whistles I have going on. 

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Posted (edited)

Sorry it took me so long to try this.   Picked up covid (thrice poked)  and

it kicked my a$$.  Love the scenario Kohlenklau having a blast no issues yet.

Thank you for doing this.

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spelling issues
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5 hours ago, gregb41352 said:

Thank you

Hey Greg,

You are very welcome! I hope you mend up well. I had "it" but a mild case luckily and feel back 100% now.

I have a much bigger Bir Hakeim scenario in the works, 90 minutes!, heavily modded with a pretty damn decent (if I do say so myself) M13/40 tank, bearded Foreign Legion engineers and French Model 1897 75mm guns. Ticking away at it slowly...

Best wishes!


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