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Free French?

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The RTV pdf in your game directory should tell you exactly when they are available...

I fired up CMFI RTV and had QB set at July 1944 and I saw "French Army" as playable, then in the appearance you can choose between 1FFD and "standard"...

...and if you fancy the North Africa theater, I have a Bir Hakeim mod and scenario. 

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It was a real trick getting all the nations in the right months for the Italian theater. Free French are available from Nov 1943 to July 1944. All Free French Forces were taken off the front lines in Italy in July 1944 to prepare for Operation Dragoon in August, which is not part of the CMFI remit.

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Ok thanks guys I'll give it a shot.  Kohl I have your North Africa mods they are exceptional but I can't

get the scenarios to show up.  I put them in the Game Files/scenarios folder but they don't show up

in the menu in game.  Something stupid on my part no doubt but any clue?

Regards, Greg

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23 minutes ago, gregb41352 said:

Something stupid on my part no doubt but any clue?

hmmm. ok. start with the easy stuff. you have the latest engine and all modules and patches?

Start screen: In lower left see the 3 logos/emblems for base game, Gustav Line and Rome to Victory.

In lower right I see v2.11 Game Engine 4 



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Any luck on that?

The next thing I suggest is to go to the scenario folder outside the game, not in selecting a battle to play mode. Go in and check the CMFI scenarios you downloaded ARE in your CMFI scenario folder along with GL scenarios and RTV scenarios. Maybe you put them in a scenario folder but under CMRT or whatever? Are the scenarios all with each other "shoulder to shoulder", not in a folder inside the scenario folder?

Then in the game, try to sort the scenario offerings different ways, alphabetically a to z or z to a, by size small to big, big to small. Sometimes I have NOT seen a scenario and suddenly bammo, there it was all along. just sorted strange and I didn't spot it.

That is all I can think of. Beyond that, go see the BFC trouble desk or maybe another player has other ideas I didn't think of. Good luck


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On 1/9/2022 at 10:55 PM, gregb41352 said:

Kohl I have your North Africa mods they are exceptional but I can't

get the scenarios to show up.

Yes they are indeed very good and I have enjoyed playing a lot of them either as single player or against the maestro author himself 🙌.  For me the later scenarios all have AFRIKA at the start, but I see some others that don't (e.g. Halfaya Pass, Italian Sappers, Blazin Chariots, Bloody Wadi).  EDIT: looking in Kohlenklau (Phil)'s 'Goody Box' (easy to find in his signature LOL) I see all of these now have AFRIKA at the start.

As Phil said, make sure you put them in the correct place.  For me this is:

C:\Users\My name\Documents\Battlefront\Combat Mission\Fortress Italy\Game Files\Scenarios

Good luck!

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19 hours ago, kohlenklau said:

breaker breaker one NINE, any luck?

Hi kohlenklau,

no, sadly, and i'm completely baffled.  the afrika scenarios are definitely in the scenarios folder with all the other scenarios

that DO show up.  so i don't get it.  it doesn't make any sense to me.  the folder is documents\battlefront\combat mission\fortress italy\

game files\scenarios.  

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well, a lot of document files in a folder, when folder is set to icon view, have an icon based on the program assigned to them. You can see little excel symbols, word, etc.

It was just an idea to check if somehow SOMEHOW! my scenarios adopted a file application and the game thinks it is not the program to open them? 

BUT BUT BUT you did say the scenario editor sees them all so that theory is probably dead but please take a look anyway

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another idea is you go ahead and open one of my scenarios in the editor and then just save it to your scenario folder and say yes to overwriting the existing one.

Try one with the above procedure (and remember which one!) and then see if it is playable.

I smell smoke coming from my brain you got me thinking so hard!

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sgt. squarehead with a potential breakthrough.  opened up bir hakiim in the editor, went to save it.

it asked if i wanted to overwrite it (?).  i said yes and voila it appears in the scenario list now in game.

kohlenklau your brain can rest.  interesting that it asked to overwrite.  so it was there i just couldn't

see it (?)    Kohl actually many many thanks for doing all of this it's frikking amazing stuff and sgt

squarehead thanks for saving kohl's brain from permanent brain damage :)

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