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Command and Control.


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As have mentioned b4, the C2 system does not reliably work "as advertised".  The example was given of an inf platoon under attack not communicating to its hierarchical Company HQ, but to another Co Hq that is not in the chain of command of the platoon.  That other Co HQ communicated to the Bn HQ (that both companies were under).  

In the same way, two inf units sitting literally on top of each other may not communicate.  One unit may spot an enemy but the other unit will not spot the enemy for several more minutes, if at all.

This was discovered when testing why a two-man team with a relatively inexpensive rifle mounted thermal sight would spot more effectively than an FO or other specialized unit with very expensive gear.  (The two man team with the rifle mounted scope was as good at spotting as a Javelin team.)

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