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Adding more units

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so sometime ago I started working on adding more infantry units to the battle. it took me a while to figure it out because I never knew how to use gimp. So far I've added the 10TH Mountain Division. I've worked on combat shirts, belts, updated Camelback, black gloves, rhino mount (still trying to figure out UV Mapping to turn it black) new boots, IR strobes on the back of the ACH, Rolled Sleeves, and combat patches. ill post the drop box link and you guys let me know what you think. honest feedback please.


If you like it let me know what other units i should add and i will add them



CM Shock Force 2 2021-10-16 20-00-06.png

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Good job!

I don't understand most of what you are talking about as I don't play modern, but rolled sleeves is a tough one as it's probably baked into the mds files which we don't have access to. You might find an alternative mds for other combatants who have rolled sleeves and be able to rename/swap, but that might futz up something else on the model.

UV mapping in Blender is a pig, presumably you have a bmp of the offending rhino mount ( I assume that's not some weird sex toy! ) that is painted correctly. Is the modelled part new, that is it didn't exist previously? Does it show on your exported model but in some whacky colour or smearing? I can take a peek at it if you can show me what you need and where to look in the mdr?

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11 hours ago, chuckdyke said:

Yes. Or imgur is very reliable. Anything else beats the measly allowance for images the forum hosting gives one. If you want to keep using the forum hosting then go to your profile where you can then delete old images you've uploaded, but note that until the forum does a full archive cycle any images you delete that haven't been archived will get deleted, this leaves you posts without any images. The archiving happens about monthly I think.


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