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How a Russian Tanker Proposes

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On 10/18/2021 at 2:04 PM, ZPB II said:

Sometimes spouses have arguments.


My first question: What is a timid mouse doing in a tank? Didn't know the Red Army had females in tank crews. Had only seen women as pilots or infantry, in terms of combat roles. That said, provided they can hack the various demands, women are great because they easily fit into and can get out of a tank rapidly, as shown by analogy with the tiny Chinese male tinkers at the Tank Biathlon. Small in stature and build as they are, their tanks look like heavy tanks. Wish I could've seen what preceded the refusal to reload in the vid you shared.

Years ago, I read a great ISU-122 story. The komandir was female, and her husband was the driver mechanic. The comms got crossed up, so their argument got broadcast. They were in Berlin during the Battle of Berlin and were arguing over which street to get to the Reichstag!


John Kettler


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