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CMBS Quick Battle - US Attacker outspent by Russian


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I'm playing a few QBs and wonder if the points values for US are way off.

Siutation as follows: tiny map, small battle, small forces, US Attack. US budget: 6,660 or so, Russian budget: 4,000 or so. No force adjustment for the attacker (US) or defender.

With the US budget I can buy about a company or so of infantry, but with the Russan budget, I can buy  a BMP battalion plus maybe half of another or for art/air/drones. Now I know the US is really good, but is this what's meant to happen in a QB with these settings?




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I dont think its worth it. If you think thats bad, if you want an EXTREME challenge, try US vs Ukraine, and you can probably afford 1.5 VETERAN btg versus a regular US company.

I played a pbem RU vs UA, and the UA player had deployed twice the amount of troops as me, with most of them veteran. My troops were all regular... I lost. Its ridiculous. 

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I took a look at the QB PBEM records at TheBlitz and they do suggest a significant Russian advantage, at least for tiny and small QBs. But the medium and large QB records are fairly even. It makes sense that the most restrictive QB sizes would favor the cheaper forces.

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I really will temper my expectations then,  with my strategy now:

- occupy just one objective square and 

- attrit the RU forces as much as possible while taking minimal losses.


Interesting challenge ... but its lucky the defender is so placid which would not happen in a PvP QB.

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