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Afghan Breakdown 1991 (Russian with English Subtitles)

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Based on a number of translated Russian comments I've seen, this is considered by Soviet veterans of the Afghanistan War to be the most accurate Russian film depiction of the war ever. It's 1988, and a VDV regiment is trying to extricate itself from Afghanistan. Somehow, the film manages to distill an entire war down to roughly 2 1/4 hours. It's nasty, brutal, vicious, confusing, definitely not for people with weak stomachs, but it's an immersive experience which includes so many facets of the war, yet never straining to do so. It's unfortunately the Russian is translated, so much of what the Afghanis say has to be figured out from expressions, body language and behavior. The Aghanis are not ciphers, but rather are families caught in a whole series of plights, including their own internal forever war, if you will. The main war is a horror for both sides, and the Soviet Union, in its familiar form, is disintegrating while the troops are out of country. The young and ambitious contrast strongly with the long-suffering and battle weary old hands. Injury and death are everywhere and spare no one. Weaponry overall seems a great fit for the period, and in some cases is applied lavishly.

Don't know how this is handled in CMA, but the VDV guys, some minimally attired, are atop their AFVs, not in them. The AFVs are period correct, and there's a mod I never saw before in the intel reporting coming from Afghanistan. Believe there are lots of gaming possibilities here in the film.


John Kettler

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