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Scenario suggestions

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Hi all,

after a very long break (years) I have been once again hit by CM morbus!

I want to play H2H scenarios and I am here to know what are your recommendations, BN only.

I don't mind if they are imbalanced (happy to play the underdog side) but that are interesting and fun.

Thanks in advance.

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I liked „Bloody Buron“ quite much. It‘s a huge one, but again with the Germans in defense, I found it manageable enough. I remember a pretty desperate fight, with many thrilling „micro-actions“. 

Re „Huzzar!“: There are a few different versions around. The latest is „Huzzar Redux“, IIRC. It is a „night action“ at sun set with fading light. Or was it the other way round? Can‘t remember exactly. Anyway, one mostly plays in poor visibility, which makes it a little more difficult. But, yes, that‘s a thrilling scenario.

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Two commonwealth H2H scenarios that I've played recently that stood out from the last dozen or so CW games played this past year:

  •  Attack on Verries Ridge (small size scenario - I wouldn't normally choose to play small battles, but this is tight and tactical, it's great for honing ones skills fighting in a small battlespace)
  • CW Contact Front (small to medium size scenario - similar to above, little room for error if playing against a solid or tricky opponent)

Both these games are very well balanced for draws so any other outcome can be dissected and appreciated by both players. That's probably the main reason they stand out as particularly good in my view.  🙂

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Thanks for the replies, updated list:

Pierrefitte en Cinglais V2 - Unofficial - Small - no H2H

Attack on Verries Ridge - Unofficial - Medium - H2H

CW Contact Front V2 - Unofficial - Medium - H2H

MG Green Hell - Official - Medium - H2H

Huzzar! - Official - Medium - H2H

Huzzar! Redux - Unofficial - Medium - H2H

CW Wittmann‘s Demise - Unofficial - Large - H2H (unbalanced) - Inside other scenario CW Wittmann’s Swords at Villers Bocage (Large)

Bloody Buron - Unofficial - Large - H2H - AI version Bloody Buron Total Overhaul 


Feel free to add your recommend scenarios!

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4 hours ago, OnWargaming said:

Pierrefitte en Cinglais V2 - Unofficial - Small - no H2H

I'm the guy who made this one. It's not recommended for H2H play - it's pretty devious even in single player (playing as Allied attacker).

If you have the Commonwealth module, then I recommend my other outing "Contact Front!". Best player should play attacker.

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