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Amoeba camouflage--prepare to be shocked!

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Was cross checking a colorized image with amoeba camouflage and found this when I did some digging. The examples shown are either from shortly before the GPW or during it. Some of the examples are extremely authentic, being equipped with Axis bullet holes and Russian bloodstains. As you can see, there's even more color variety than in feldgrau German uniforms. 


Here's but one image.



John Kettler

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11 hours ago, John Kettler said:

Ha! Good one! Rolled up that way, they look more like sleeping bags than battle dress.


John Kettler

They are the oddest of camo, look more like something a young child might dream up. I guess they had an appropriate terrain in mind for each colour way, but the yellow one is particularly jarring.

3 hours ago, Erwin said:

The problem with all colorized pics is that one cannot be 100% sure the colors are accurate.  

Yes there is a degree of guesswork, though now there are computer AIs that can guess very accurately based on tonality and learning. Some colours do have a very distinct grayscale signature, others are going to be much harder to decipher. Much of the recolouring we see is down to the knowledge of the colouriser and context.

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The pic of the Ameba cammies is modern day color of the collector's own collection, not colorized B/W from the GPW. This is made clear in the two page thread for which I provided the link.

Here is the response I got over on CoC.


Alex Wood
That rings so many alarm bells - 'attic find' and 'barn find' are all warning triggers to a reenactor/collector yet, curiously, none of them are dusty or show any other storage wear.
In fact the colours are still really vibrant while the one stamp sho… 
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