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Colorized German pics (many unreleased) from Market Garden

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Propaganda footage dude.....Both sides made loads. 

The water to the left of the submarine is somewhat more disturbed than the water to the right, probably from the prow of the stationary support ship.....The submarine was directed to make a close pass looking all gung-ho, at which point they detonate a mine or whatever for extra dramatic effect.

That would me my guess at any rate.

PS - You don't need to use depth-charges when the submarine is on the surface!  ;)

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1 hour ago, Vergeltungswaffe said:

My first thought if not propaganda was an aircraft that just flew over. The AA crew hunkered down facing away tracks with that.

My thought too.  Maybe a high res zoomed in pic taken from a plane flying significantly higher. 

Also, there seems to be a crewman on each of the AA guns. But re the RHS AA gun you can sorta make out a helmet but the body is blurred out.  If there was an enemy aircraft, they aren't making any effort to fire back. 

Also, if you look closely at the U-Boat lines, esp around the front vertical edge of the sail/conning tower, it seems that it may have been sharpened.  So either a staged propaganda pic (but certainly doesn't make the crew look heroic), or a doctored photo of some kind.

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2 hours ago, Vergeltungswaffe said:

But the big problem I have is that the photo is awfully sharp for a pass that low, imho. I feel like there would be more blurring.

Exactly, this was taken in the 1940's so no way it would be this sharp if taken from an aircraft camera, they just didn't have the lens quality that this would need.

37 minutes ago, Erwin said:

Maybe a high res zoomed in pic taken from a plane flying significantly higher

Too much CSI my friend, it's staged.

My other thought was maybe they were blowin' up mines, clearing them using the AA cannon.

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Elizabeth looks up from her copy of the Westminster Gazette. "Oi! Noddle Head, did they really have those underwater thingamajigs on the Nederrijn when that Anglican prig was trying to end the war by Christmas?"

"I don't think so dear, but I'm not particularly au fait with maritime warfare. Particularly when it is 300 years in the future."

"Well, if that's the case, let me put you straight. There weren't any, and according to my friend Mrs Miggins they don't have a place in a thread about Market-Garden." 

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