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1 hour ago, Erwin said:

Better if they knock on BFs door

Steve has said the greatest advantage to teaming with Slitherine is they have the infrastructure to handle (cue dramatic music) 'official paperwork'. I recall he mentioned how many pages the MoD government contract was. It was a LOT. BFC doing their own games for the unwashed masses, I don't know if it involves any paperwork at all.

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On 9/29/2021 at 10:24 AM, Combatintman said:

That does not appear to be the plan and it probably works in the same way that Bohemia's Flashpoint/ARMA are public games while their military derivatives VBS-1, 2 etc are supplied to military customers.  I guess we can hold out for some of the features of the Professional version being moved across to the publicly available Battlefront titles but that would probably be on a case-by-case basis.

Seeing NATO in what looks like Black Sea had me in my "Shut up and take my money!" mode.

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15 hours ago, MikeyD said:

I recall he mentioned how many pages the MoD government contract was. It was a LOT.

Yes it is... altho' my experience is with DoD.  However, what one does is hire a Contracts Specialist.  If one cannot afford a full-time contracts specialist employee, one hires one for a fee or or % of the contract.  He/she will sort all that out for a company - essentially like a lawyer.  The billing issues are also complex.  But, the contracts specialist can do all that as well, and make sure the company does everything it needs to do at the right time.

Being a Prime Contractor may sound intimidating, but the rewards are much more lucrative than being a sub.  BF has all the qualifications to be a Prime on a DoD contract.  

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I was asleep at the wheel for this, but as one of the lol "Indirect Fire-rs" on Meggitt's Indirect Fire Trainer, congratulations on a big get! It seemed like their guys had a hoot hanging out at Battle School, and I can tell you we loved being able to play around in the simulator all day. If the Brits are half as fun to be around as us Leafs, I hope you guys are having a good time, though I know how busy it must be. 


I can definitely, definitely see how this kind of contract A) takes up a huge amount of your present workload B ) hopefully gives you some ideas you can take over to war-games and C ) might give you some financial security to be a little more adventurous with titles and modules.


lol I know from experience your NDAs must be a metre thick, but I'm curious if playing with the Brits have given you any ideas for how artillery systems might change in CM. Just general impressions, if that's something you feel up to discussing.  

e: Obviously I won't get into it too deep on the forum, and by posting here and buying your games it can't come across my desk - but - I'd suggest reaching out to CADSI. Working with the Brits gives you a leg up and CACSC might be looking around for improved tools to use for some of their exercises.   

ee: @MikeyD if there is a way to point you in the right direction for doors to knock on without causing trouble down the line, I'd be open to it, but I'm just putting this out there. You'd fit right in! We also have pictures of the Queen in our offices and have SNCOs with moustaches. 

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