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Which Combat Mission do you think has the most fun gameplay and why?

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Most early CMSF1 scenarios seemed easy comparably.  However, CMSF1 and 2 scenarios can be very tough - especially where one is heavily penalized for even minimal, if any, casualties.  But, some designers have made CMSF Blue vs Red scenarios where the Red can do a lot of damage.  And if one wants a challenge play Red vs Blue, or even Red vs Red.

When I suffer from (regular) CM burn-out, CMSF tends to be the game where I rediscover the fun.  CMFB is also great as one has more opportunities to attack with Germans rather than be on the defensive as one is usually in CMBN, CMFI and CMRT as they are mostly late-war eras.


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I've always leant a bit more towards WW2, largely due to the greater variety of units and formations on offer across the titles. Whenever a base game gets it's first module the replayability jumps up quite dramatically I think. CW module for CMBN, GL for CMFI and now FR for CMRT all seem to have that same effect on the game family. Now if only there could be titles set before mid-1943 to really bump up the variety even more. ;) 

I certainly don't mind the modern titles but the more blink and you're dead lethality of the units in play plus the one sided nature of forces (in CMSF especially) can work against playing these games longer term. Now for the controversial part, I'm probably one of the few on these boards that has very little interest in the Cold War setting. :P Early War WW2 > Cold War was always listed higher on my pipe dream wishlist agenda.

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It's a tough call but I'd say CMBN and CMSF are my favorites. Cold War is coming on strong though! 

CMSF has such a compelling problem of having all the firepower and toys on the NATO side but not being willing to take casualties. It makes what often seems straightforward become a meticulous and careful engagement to avoid a lucky RPG or ATGM hit by the opfor. 

CMBN is just loaded with scenarios and units with all the add ons, and the Normandy terrain (later Holland) provides such challenging situations. 

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