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Cold War Quick Battle - Odd Bods

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Noticed a few odd things in the QB side of CW:

- The US is allocatted Engineers as infantry in most games where AI is allowed to select forces

- Soviets sometimes get air controller but no airpower, or no airpower but there are air controllers

- rarely, an art battery has no on board artiller controller

- Soviets can sometimes get a profundity of Strela teams (like, 6-8 strela) 

Now, I'm currently using the odd-bods as scouts but seems costly when they depart this world.

Can BFC fix those?



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Things like this aren't unique to CW. Quick Battle automatic force selection have always given "interesting" results, across all the titles. QBs work best as H2H where each player can choose their own forces and that would eliminate these oddities, barring mistakes by the players. Depending on how you are playing you can choose your own forces, then hit suggestions for the opponent and tweak them to repair anything that shows up like missing observers, etc. You may not want to do that though and lose the element of surprise. I'd say, though, that in the CW era, you probably had a quite good idea of what is in front of you, so it may not be that unrealistic. 

As far as fixing, the force selections are much improved over what they used to be after they did some fixing up to the logic (which sounds simple and I don't think was simple at all). They are better now as they tend to pick complete formations, minus some items to fit the point criteria. So the lack of supporting items probably shows more in smaller battles than large ones. They are probably about as good as they are going to get at this point.


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