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Steam & PBEM++

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Mantuvec_47  [developer] 1 hour ago  
Hi guys, unfortunately yes.
We had to move the release date again due to issues that prevent us from properly implementing the PBEM system for multiplayer.
The new release date should be in August / September.
We'll keep you updated as soon as we have more detailed information on the new date.




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Precedent shows the day after a release players will have already forgotten that there was any delay in its arrival. Getting the CMRT Fire and Rubble module out the door was torture - like trying to roll a boulder up a mountain. It took soooooo looooong. But the day after it was released everyone was like 'Wheeee! this is fun!' :P

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1 hour ago, ratdeath said:

I wanted to gift the game through Steam to a friend, but I can do that at a later date :)


You can gift them a Battlefront version and when it's available on Steam they are able to get a Steam key at no charge.

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5 hours ago, Khalerick said:

By Fall... wouldn't there be another in the CM lineup being released on Steam at that time?

Normandy is supposed to be released on Steam next. No one has mentioned holding off on that to me (at least not yet). I think that once PBEM+++ gets bolted onto Cold War it will be pretty straightforward adding it to everything else.


6 hours ago, Holien said:

Integration is never straightforward or easy...


Ain't dat the troof.

Fortunately, it isn't stopping anyone from playing the games and causing a delay in release. You guys already have access to the game. 🙂 


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In a way the CMBS Steam delay is a benefit to BFC. The in-house release dates for CMRT Fire and Rubble and CM Cold War were unusually close together. The release of one threatened to steal the thunder (pun not intended) of the other. The Slitherine delay has allowed for Fire And Rubble to have its moment in the sun before Cold War arrives. The otherwise-unintended delay has had the effect of spacing out the game releases in a more propitious manner. ...IMHO

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