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Stem the Tide - any tips?


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I'm finding this an odd scenario, defend against a strong Soviet tank attack, then attack against a solid defence across two rivers to reach a far objectives all with 5 ****ty M60 RISE+ and two platoons of M113 infantry and Cobras that get shot down! With 3 Soviet AI plans. Also its only playable as Blue (only Red AI plans)





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I have 32 minutes left on this one but not sure when I will finish it.  So far my losses have been very heavy just taking the intermediate town and I still haven't reached the bridge.  Regardless the battle in the town was one of the most wild and unpredictable battles I have fought yet in CW or BS.  Really a blast whether I ultimately win the scenario or not.  As to tips, sorry but none at the moment.  

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Its a difficult one to win. I've just tried a double envelopment not going thru the town to touch the bridge. but time ran out and 1 or 2 single man red survivors in the first bridge prevented US control of that.

I think the town is the hardest approach. I've been toying with the idea of a hard run on the right flank to the sunken lane to the right of 55D, or a more indirect approach of crossing the river to the far right of 55D with M113s.

Its not possible at all to get Alpha 1/2 or the Command Post otherwise, and Red wont surrender due to the size of their forces.

I'm suspecting that the design is unfinished!

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