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"Brazen Chariots" : A great "scenario seedpod" of a book!. (CMFI North Afrika scenarios.)

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@Blazing 88's Thanks for the great pdf book Warren! Brazen Chariots is written by a British tank officer who was in "Honeys" (M3 Stuarts...) during Operation Crusader in late 1941. Google Earth still shows an Italian trench he fought against with his troop of Honeys. Maybe even the small walled building he talks about. Sonuvabitch! So, I just had to write a scenario about that part of the book. I am almost done.


I also want to leave this link here as it is great visually to see another area that the tank officer, LT BOB CRISP, a South African Cricket player, was at...Sidi Rezegh.


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