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Unit Patches

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Well you have to search for a good picture of the patch on google image or elsewhere. It shouldn't be hard; I bet there are lots available. Since it is going to be quite small on the uniform, the image doesn't need to be particularly high resolution. Just make sure the colours are neutral, not too dull and not too bright. Then save the image and open it in the image editing software of your choice.

Then select the outline of the patch with one of the selection tools, either quick select, one of the lasso tools or whatever method you prefer then copy and paste it over the uniform.


Now this is probably going to be the hardest part if you're not familiar with image editing. If there isn't a uniform with no patch available among all the bmps, then you're going to have to first erase or hide the existing patch.

First never touch the source texture, always do each edit on a separate layer. I haven't unpacked the right brz but looking at my mod folder, it looks like the patch goes on the sleeve and the sleeve pocket has a plain dull grey non camo fabric, so that makes it easier.

You can use the clone stamp tool first to hide most of the existing patch and then if necessary paint with colours directly sampled from the sleeve pocket itself to hide the remaining bits. Use different colours; different brush sizes and different opacity levels for the brush to it doesn't look like a single unique colour. If you do it right, you'll get a blank sleeve pocket. It doesn't have to be perfect since most of it will be hidden by the new patch.



Then resize the patch, position it properly over the sleeve fix you just created in the previous step, make sure when you resize it that the proportions are not messed up. In Photoshop you do this by holding down SHIFT when doing free transform to resize the image.

Finally if you want to do it properly, you should try to match the saturation and brightness levels of the patch and of the uniform.  Here it is probably not essential. A quick and dirty trick is to make the layer with the patch slightly transparent, say 90 or 95% opacity to make it blend in a little.


This is just a quick job using one of the uniforms in my mod folder, I think it is CptMiller's but not positive and a random ranger patch I found with a quick google search. I didn't touch the airborne bit. If the patch has to go on a bit with the camo pattern, it is automatically a lot trickier but it is the same principle.



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