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Canadian Campaign Mission 2 (Faith) pathfinding broken

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Has anyone else had major issues with the tacAI's pathfinding on this mission? Maybe I'm just unlucky, but for me the pathing is so borked that I find the mission impossible to accomplish without save scumming to compensate for pixeltruppen taking the worst possible path to objectives. While I expect iffy pathing in urban environments in a CM game, it's worse than usual here. Troops won't use doors on many buildings, forcing them to run into the streets and all the way around the block instead of stepping out the back door, engineers won't breach most walls, and even if they do, they often can't go through the hole, leading to a leisurely stroll around the block. While I'd imagine that fixing this would be low on anyone's priority, it feels like this map needs to be remade. Pathing issues even pop up in open fields, with vehicles sometimes taking weird doglegging paths.

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5 hours ago, zmoney said:

The door thing is an issue in various scenarios throughout all games. I wish there’d be some way to know if it’s locked. It is frustrating to have your troops walk around only to get mowed down.

I don't think that this is the same bug as the normal door thing. On this scenario, there's other weird pathing issues around most of the doors which don't work. Almost like putting the building there somehow messed with the terrain and created an invisible wall.

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