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The difference Between T-64, T-72, and T-80 in a humorous way

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I first posted this, from this forum several years ago. At the time I´t was in an unfinished state!

But now, with CMCW. I think its time to go back there! Very informative, but with humor 😃

A short intro, of each family of tank ( Dont forget to "reveal hidden contents") And then do the same as you scroll down. Very funny, and very informative!


Communist tracked boxes with pancake turrets: don't you dare to confuse GLORIOUS T-80 battle tank with Kharkovite T-64 tractor that doesn't work. - Mechanized Warfare - Sturgeon's House (ipbhost.com)



"True socialists of the Ural understood a main problem with optical rangefinder - a worker and soldier of Fatherland had to match 2 images of capitalist in his sight in order to find a range to him. Not only you should have looked at decadent westerner for prolonged period of time during combat, but you were looking at 2 images of him! It is 2 times more decadency per capitalist that free komsomolets should have witness during combat and what is allowed by Party and Narkom of Health!

   In order to decrease hazardous and health problems of seeing 100% more concentrated capitalism per capitalist, Soviet engineers created a ray emitter that could measure distance to enemies by shooting red communism laser to their fat bodies and tell exact range to increase accuracy of firing main gun! This deivce was installed to gunner sight, which mean that second optical device was not needed, and it was removed, leaving only hard Ural steel"


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