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CMSF2-Afghanistan 'All in One'

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Okay, the CMSF2-Afghanistan 'All in One' is now ready for release.

The modpack itself is a further refinement of the 'initial beta' released back in April & is, at its most basic, a merger between CMA & @Zveroboy1's SF2 Afghanistan work.

Changes mostly involve further tweaks of the CMA terrain to better fit with CMSF2, @Mord's original CMA & CMSF portraits as well as various ISIF tags have been added to the UI, the Soundscape is being upgraded to v1.6 (thanks to @waclaw's HQS 4.0), the uniform mix has been altered, (@Oleksandr's uniforms are now the ones often activated by the [mountains] tag), bridges & highways have been tweaked, @Pete Wenman's rural stone walls have been added & a new lowlands background is being used (sourced with the help of @Erwin).

The marsh to water & rudimentary dutch ANA mods have been deleted as they're no longer needed & @Zveroboy1's green ANP pick-ups are now activated by tag [anppu].


In terms of content, I've collated all CMSF & CMSF2 Afghanistan scenarios & campaigns I could find (including a few french ones, now translated, thanks to help by @CMFDR).

The SF2 stuff, by @Zveroboy1 & @puje, has been left almost entirely untouched however the CMSF scenarios & campaigns (including @dragonwynn's 'Heart of Darkness') have all been given a lick of paint... mostly by the simple method of swapping marsh into water tiles.

I've also converted the eight CMA quick battle maps by @Stagler for use with CMSF2 & the 'All in One'.

In total, there's two campaigns (19 scenarios between them), 37 single scenarios* & the 8 quick battle maps.

I was hoping to make some original stuff this year but that'll have to wait for another time.

Anyhow, here's the download link (I advise adding the modpack to an empty mod folder only)...


... and here's the eye candy...












*About a third of these are by @Combatintman

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AWESOME WORK!  CMA is still the favorite of so many of us.  Thanks...

Re "I advise adding the modpack to an empty mod folder only)..."

Does this interfere with Olek's and MikeyD's vehicles and Olek's uniforms and other Muj camo etc?

Edited by Erwin
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