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Suggestions on uniform selection under QB mode

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There are many kinds of uniforms in the game, but if I choose automatic, then the uniform will only be one kind, for example, the US army in December will only be a greatcoat. Because I like to use automatic to let the computer  buy soldiers and tanks for me , so I can have a sense of surprise.

I hope that automatic can also make uniforms randomly selected.

This is a small wish of mine. I don't know if the omnipotent BFC can help me realize it😍

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What you could do instead is use the Suggestions button to buy the units for you, and then select the uniform option you want. Let the computer still do automatic for the adversary. A little less surprise, but you can create your own variety. The suggestions sometimes leave something to be desired, but you can iterate to get something you like, then tweak the uniforms to your liking.

Just a suggestion. Doesn't help you with the surprise element but might be an improvement, or something to use sometimes.


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