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How different are the GoG versions of CMx1?

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I have difficulties running the CMx1 games on my windows laptop. Same binary works fine on my windows desktop, but on the laptop there are issues with 2D UI elements not showing up (same problem with Airborne Assault/Command Ops).

The DRM-free versions from GoG, are they in any way different other than the lack of DRM?

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GoG's version is 1.03 (the latest/last from Battlefront was 1.04). Other than that they are the exact same, though GoG does include a DirectX utility. I really haven't experimented around enough to discern if the utility makes any sort of difference to the game. I suspect that your 2D UI issues will NOT be resolved by the GoG version/distribution.

To get the games working properly (resolution-wise) I had to delete the Prefs file that gets installed with the games (something that normally isn't present until you go through the resolution selection process).

Do you Alt-Tab out of the game and re-maximize it to refresh the 2D screens ? That may not always work, but it is something to try. Alt-Tab'ing is also a bit necessary to get the CMx1 games running at a decent speed under Windows 10.

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I've got the GOG versions and they work OK - my laptops are all pretty low powered.

Sometimes I have to alt - tab others not. I'm beginning to think it depends on what I might have been doing before e.g. game, internet or work but the sample size is too small. Last night I played a scenario on my AMD powered Lenovo ideapad330 and it was fine.

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