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Berlin CMRT Map

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14 minutes ago, NPye said:

I montaged my New Reichs Chancellory building over a 1938 colour photograph to see how accurate it was, seems to work? 

New Reichs Chancellory


...add some swastikas and long red flags, on the buildings and you will have a perfect visual of the real freedom Berlin.

Good job, looking for this one...

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2 hours ago, Erwin said:

Yes.  However there may be some political correctness issues here, plus such symbols are still banned in German IIRC

yes is true Erwin but this give a touch of immersion... believe me when I do a scenario with partisans, "Die Kommandantur", that they have to enter... the banners will be presents !

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1 hour ago, NPye said:

I have red swastika flags all around ill post some later, Im not political and the flags were used, its history and I cant change that?

Later, If you are agree to share your wunderschöne map, we will make us a pleasure to destroy your buildings, streets arts and all what you did with your heart... with swastika or not...😁 😈!

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2 hours ago, Warts 'n' all said:

I can't imagine there being anyone, brave, or foolish enough to hang the flags out every morning in late April 45.

If that's the date, you make a fair point.  They might have just left them out all the time though?  I don't fly a flag from my parapets so I wouldn't know whether etiquette dictates nightly furling.

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Well that is the date when Berlin is fought over, and relevant to CMRT . @NPye's photo comes from 1938 and I have found one taken from a slightly different angle where there are no flags draped down the front of the building. I suspect they were just put out for ceremonial occasions, Mad Addy's Birthday, Bald Benny's State Visit etc ...



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14 hours ago, NPye said:

Latest from Berlin Central Area Map. See how ive made a bombed out version of the New Reichs Chancellory.


Seem to playing a fps, like Red Orchestra...waiting for this...very nice job @NPye hey !! and now I see my red banderolles... a plus one also your, Battle for the Reichstag a must !

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13 minutes ago, Warts 'n' all said:

It's terrible. The electronic dirge is enough to put anyone with ears off for a start. And what the hell are Russian language street signs doing on this map? BFC need to fix that pretty damn sharpish.

I like a bit of electronic dirge.  If only I could find my ears I'm sure it would sound even better...

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