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Playing through all of my Combat Mission scenarios in chronological order, starting with CMAK

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I am currently playing through all of my realistic tactical and operational games in chronological order(so mostly Combat Mission and Command Ops). I'm not entirely sure how many scenarios and Campaigns I have since I did bulk downloads of custom scenarios/campaigns/operations so I have a lot of duplicates and H2H only scenarios. But it is somewhere north of 2,000 total scenarios between CMAK, CMBB, CMFI, CMBN, CMRT, CMCW, CMA, CMSF, & CMBS. I have spent the last couple years just sorting all of them (renaming each with the date at the front of the filename in YYYY-MM-DD format so that they order themselves in chronological order when sorted alphabetically) and haven't actually been playing them during that time (to minimize spoilers) so I am very rusty now. But at long last sorting is finished, and playing has now commenced.

I have just finished uploading the first CMAK scenario of the playthrough, this one set in France in 1940, to youtube and I thought I might share it here in case anyone is interested.






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Yes, good for you.  Even tho's have been a big fan of CM1 I keep forgetting how compelling the early war stuff was since CM1 had mods for Poland '39, France 1940, Sea Lion etc. that enabled one to play even earlier eras than Barbarossa.  

I loved the fact that in CMBB you could have a campaign that took you all the way through the entire war - in one game(!).

And while at levels 1 and 2, it's clear that CM2 look better, at levels 3 upwards, a well-modded CM1 was very competitive with the way CM1 looks.   I think most experienced players spend most of their time playing at the higher levels for ease of control.  

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