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I like that somebody pays for this forum and I can put notes here for myself and others.

This thread will be where I puke out all my unit purchasing hacks, tips and tricks.

Maybe nothing new but at least it is written down for folks I am working with on CM projects.

Feel free to add yours as well.


You can purchase teams and stuff from the enemy side. Go to data tab/page of the scenario. Look for

(1) allies vs axis (standard)

(2) axis vs axis

(3) allies vs allies

Select the one you need something from... either allies vs allies or axis vs axis. Then return to the units tab/page and purchase the desired team to the desired HQ. Then go back to normal data page setting. THEN SAVE! 


the new team speaks the language of the enemy, or one of the enemies but maybe not the enemy in this scenario. So theoretically I can mod American voices and names to German JUST FOR THIS BATTLE. Bulk renaming utility does most of the work. I push a few buttons. Uniforms/Gear can also be modded.

This can help you sneak in a mod via mdr renaming. The physics of the original host vehicle mdr are retained in the game. It LOOKS like a pziiiG with a short 50mm. But everything behaves and results like a Stuart M5a1 with a 37mm for example. You can hexedit the mdr to look for different bmp's than what the allied Stuarts look like. I better explain that...

MDR hex editing to change bmp file name

As we all know, you have a German helmet mdr and it needs like helmet.bmp

For a future mod, my team changed the partisan civilian hat to the helmet mdr and then change art for some helmet.bmp with "OTHER INSIGNIA". It looks great!

BUT there is a problem. Now the Germans need helmet.bmp and they also have "OTHER INSIGNIA"...

You can avoid the German units that need that helmet but that is a half solution.

Here is the better solution.

Open the partisan civilian hat mdr that was renamed from helmet.mdr in the free hexedit program "Notepad++" and search (it is a tool in the menu bar)  among the encrypted characters for English words "helmet", check the count, it is 2 places. 1 is important, it is the bmp file name generic filename. smod_german_helmet. The other helmet is just some internal description by the original file creator. German M43 helmet. That 2nd one can stay the same.

For the filename, CHANGE the t in hemet to a "g" and it is helmeg. It could be another letter. I just picked g.


Then change ALL your "OTHER INSIGNIA" helmets fielnames to be smod_german_helmeg with a "g" and the usual numbering. The same with the normal maps.

It works nice. Now the Germans can use the helmet also with no concerns on waffen-ss versus regular Germans.



This is the old scenario maker trick you can learn!
You have a leftover higher HQ you don't need or want in your scenario. I retired as an O-5 so I somewhat know the lonely feeling of not a general but no longer a junior officer down in trenches.
Anything unwanted for that matter, you can assign reinforcement group R7. Then you set the R7 to show at the 3 hour point. Get it? It never arrives during your battle. This could also apply for campaign use of the core unit. Save some unit from participation. I think...

You can purchase teams and stuff from a different timeframe than your secanrio. Go to data tab/page of the scenario. Tweak the year and the date, go back to units purchase, now the Brazilians are there and you can purchase a tiny 37mm ATG. That early war feel. Then return to the units data/tab. Change back to your scenario date. THEN SAVE! 

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Warning: This is less a useful tip and more some ramblings. While my self etching primer dries the required 3-4 hours, I will editorialize a bit. "Some people" are cuckoo for cocoapuffs over TOE's. It has its aspects that could be enjoyable. Maybe it is a business write off to fly to various European cities and look through old archives to document TOE's? Take the wife or the girlfriend, hit a few restaurants, a show, some clubs, bada bing. The pursuit of the flawless TOE can really bottle neck some company's game development! What is the German term KgTF or something, I can't remember. The good old Germans documenting the exact number of messkits in a battalion. I guess I like to go from the other direction. What was on the roster for a certain stage of the battle? So, you use your notes from books to TRY to purchase what was used at Stoumont on a certain day in December. The TOE goes out the window, right? Not completely. I guess it is like a skeleton to rebuild what you want for the scenario. Keep the HQ tiered structure and delete whatever normal TOE forces you need to in the platoon, in the company, in the battalion. Then select a certain HQ and purchase units to tuck into the organization. In the game, the red command line goes from the purchased unit to that HQ you had highlighted. Not every unit should "work directly for" the company commander so think to highlight the platoon leaders and spread forces out down there as you purchase. It is not real life, so the company commander isn't really having to control anything. He is not overtaxed. You are the human player doing EVERYTHING. The game code will cause an impact as the distance from unit to HQ increase and the color of the red line fades.

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...rich infos and helpfull always with a touch of humour, don't tell me you didn't work in the past for BFC...or you have it for the future !

Whatever the team that working with you is always blinded from yours ideas 😉

Amazing work Phill


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