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A Long Shot... Black Sea 1.04


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Interested in playing against an opponent with BS 1.04.  I am happy to play any side, attack or defense, platoon to battalion sized forces per side.  Realistic formations are preferred, with appropriate point bonuses for the attacking side, extra ammunition on a vehicle of some sort, and rare use of air assets.  I am used to playing battalion sized battles in real-time, however I am open to live turn based games (I think PBEM would be too slow for me).  I prefer longer battles or a few short ones in a row, it does not have to be too regular or regimented.  If I had to guess I would say after all these years I am somewhat middling in skill.  I prefer simple battles for the moment, moving across rough country or villages: a complex city based map or city based river crossing would be a bit much to start with I think.  Larger maps are preferred but the newer (normally user created) really huge ones don't load for me (think Donetsk Airport etc.) and am open to smaller maps if you prefer.

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Well two companies forward (the third saved for a second echelon), moving slowly with AFV support, sometimes with tanks upfront.  Mostly as the Russians & Ukrainians at the moment.  I didn't say I did it well...

I do it more out of interest in how the attacks are supposed to work.  I normally ragequit once artillery falls on my head.

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