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Stinger vs Redeye\ Strela vs Igla

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The natural assumption is that Stinger would be better than Redeye and Igla would be better than Strela, although of course the people firing those missiles will have soft factors that could change that dynamic - a crack Redeye team might have more luck than a conscript Stinger team.  Likewise, more conscript pilots might have to eject than veteran pilots.  The availability/rarity of the later systems will be better toward the end of the game time frame.  I wouldn't sweat too much about it - air and counter-air is very movable feast.

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I don't think anybody's sat down and run comparison tests between AA missile types against various targets. There have been 'I think this/I think that' suggestions during the Beta process but I can't recall any rigorous testing. If the difference is '45% hit rate versus 33% hit rate' it would be almost impossible to reach those numbers by testing

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