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Need inputs! Steel Panthers WAW to CMFI unit type correlation table...ALLIED OOB.

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@Blazing 88's and I are working on a scenario translation from SPWAW to CMFI. The April 1941 battle of El Mechilli. A scenario called "Gardner's Horse"...Some of these are no brainers. An HQ is an HQ of some level. Some are available in CMFI. Univ Carrier for example. But I thought I would get the juices flowing and list the Allied OOB for the SPWAW scenario here. I have done the same for the AXIS OOB in another thread.

I appreciate any advice from folks who have done a conversion/translation.

I will edit and update this post or post again with revised chart as this project progresses...


1 HQ  HQ
2 Staff 2IC/Support team?
4 IN Rifle Section  
5 IN Lt Mortar Tm  
6 Bedford 15cwt  
7 Wpn Sqd  
8 IN Med Mortar  
9 IN MMG Sqd  
10 AVC-IP Carrier  
11 Sikh Rifle Section  
12 2pdr AT Gun  
13 Univ Carrier  
14 2pdr Portee  
15 Radio Truck  
16 Cruiser IVA  
17 25pdr FG  
18 40mm AA Gun  
19 FAT Quad  
20 Fordson  
21 Bedford 3 ton  


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Doing some googling on these abbreviations!

ACV-IP is Armored carrier wheeled-Indian pattern. 

Fordson is just a truck. Fordson WOT. War Office Truck...

FAT Quad was a prime mover for the 25pdr FG

Cruiser IVA was a tank with a 40mm gun (2pdr), armor was 6-30mm and it did 30mph. 

2pdr portee was a truck with the 2pdr gun 


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1 hour ago, chuckdyke said:

What???? Better don't suggest that in an RSL Club. Just standard British is better TBH. 

No choice. Got to do it mate. It is how you get certain weapons and the historic forces but not have Brazilians standing around North Africa..

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