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Panel Mod 'Red Thunder Style'

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Combat Mission World War 2 series Panel Mod 'Red Thunder Style' v1.0

For the Sim/Game "Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy + Final Blitzkrieg + Fortress Italy".

A graphical modification of the user interface panel. This panel is always visible at the bottom
of the screen, when playing this game.

- Based on the panel appearance that came with Combat Mission: Red Thunder (v2.10),
  but adjusted to the slightly different text location and colors hardcoded in each WW2 game.
- Special equipment icons (like binoculars) have been slightly adjusted,
  and are included in this package.
- Silhouettes and green/yellow weapon icons not included in this package.

All credits to the Battlefront company for supplying the original images,
from which the modded ones were derived.

Only for use in the Combat Mission games, other then that, this mod is free and non-profit.
This mod cannot be held responsible for harm done to pixeltruppen.

Copy one of the extracted .brz files into your mod folder, or into your install folder
in the data\z\ subfolder.

z_CMBN-Panel-Mod-RT-v10.brz is for Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy
z_CMFB-Panel-Mod-RT-v10.brz is for Combat Mission: Final Blitzkrieg
z_CMFI-Panel-Mod-RT-v10.brz is for Combat Mission: Fortress Italy
You can also copy over the image and readme there, it does no harm. But you should only copy
over the single matching .brz file for each game.


Download from this place: http://www.gb-homepage.nl/index.htm (Select "Combat Mission" in left navigation window)
A preview image is in the zip file. So you can check if it is worthy ;)

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