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Greatest tank shot?

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Sorry I ballsed up the screenshot so can't post it but playing the first game of the Soviet campaign and a M-60 just took out a BTR-70 & T-62 with the same shot, through the former and into the latter!

I am really enjoying this game, by far my favourite CM game so far. I've played the US (82) mission and got a draw without going all the way through the campaign but will be definitely be giving it another go.

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3 hours ago, Vergeltungswaffe said:

Those are always very satisfying.


Very satisfying to lose 2 vehicles to 1 round? You must be a masochist 😄

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I don't think I have the save, but the 'best' I've gotten is taking out 2 unbuttoned BMP's with 1 tank round in the final mission of the NTC campaign.

The shot came from pretty much straight on the side of the BMP, went through the new meat-based internal armor system and knocked out the 2nd BMP that was lined up on the other side.  I couldn't see a round passing through, so I assume that instead of penetrating through both, the first BMP's ammo detonated and the explosion was massive enough to knock out the 2nd BMP.

I might be wrong, but I suspect modern rounds may have less of a tendency to over-penetrate like rounds of the past would/could in some cases, with advanced fuses and all of that. But it would be fun to test!  I might have to make a video of it one of these days if it produces interesting results!

Now this makes me wonder if there's a way to inspect a vehicle after a battle to see details on how it died, more than simply the name of what killed it? I'm a bit spoiled by Graviteam games where it shows penetrations / partial penetrations / deflects in pretty great detail (attached image to demonstrate)


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