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120mm Mortar vs Bradley

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On 5/19/2021 at 5:33 PM, Redwolf said:

Keep in mind that the 25mm can kill some tanks just fine, starting from the rear of the T-55.

ETA: also works with a T-80B, just tested.

IIRC, both the M2/M3 and the BMP-2 mistakenly got for their cannons the same armour piercing ammunition of CMSF2/CMBS, that is 25mm APFSDS and 30mm APDS. 

Actually, in the early '80s, both guns used less performing ammo (namely 25mm APDS and 30mm APBC) so, after the upcoming patch, the Bradley could perform a little worse against MBTs with its Bushmaster cannon (although it should be a threat even frontally to some tanks, e.g. T-55s, when striking at weak points).

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I conducted my own test too. First a near miss immobilization, lots of rounds not even falling close, then BOOM! turret top penetration. This probably  wouldn't have happened in CMBS. Modern Bradley had an applique layer of titanium on the turret top, I believe. Baseline M2 Bradley turret top is aluminum.

Bradley v 120mm.jpg

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Well it looks clear to me that a 120mm mortar barrage is a threat to a cold war Bradley.   AI might not run from a barrage but I won't keep my Bradleys in place if a barrage comes their way.  

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