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Canadian/British 25 Lbrs

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Jeez, you people are going to be ready to have me banned for being such a PITA 🥴. By now ya gotta be asking if this guy knows anything at all :( . Anyway, on the off chance you're willing to answer yet another inane question (I do, by the by, do a search and look in the manuals for these things before posting), I have a question about the 25 lbr field gun. Is it not capable of being on the map? I'm building a scenario that uses one and the FO is there and the gun is listed in the Arty panel, but I don't see the actual gun physically there, nor do I see an option for it to be on/off map in the Units panel. Is it always off map?

Thank you, yet again ;) . I promise, I'll get this stuff figured out eventually (of course, the sun is due to burn out at some point, so it could be tight 😏)

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Just to share scenario hacks, I once used a workaround for a Tobruk scenario. I just used an immobilized mobile artillery, but I forget if just a 105mm or it was a 25 pounder.

You're Canadian! It says you guys made sort of a 25-pdr version of the M7 Priest and called it the Sexton.

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We did, but I'm not sure if it was used in Sicily. It was in Normandy. In this case they actually bastardized a couple of things to make the 25 lber, but I don't remember exactly what they used. It wouldn't be possible to do it for this game anyway, so being off map is ok. The only trick is though, how to get it to fire 🙁. I'm working on a CMFI scenario now but am having a few AI issues that are rearing their heads now that mainly relate to the big guns. See my other (yet to be posted) question... .

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