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Where are the wall.mdr files?

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5 hours ago, kohlenklau said:

I did a search of my rezexplode folders. I can't find the wall.mdr files. I see lots of other mdr's for bocage and fences and such. I see the texture ART for the walls. What gives? I need them. I want to mess with it in my mad scientist lab.

Phill the mdr wall that I found are with the name rubble located in...

H:\5 RedThunder FR  V4\Mod Tools\RezExplode\exploded\red thunder v210a\terrain\low rubble wall

Hope this help you !



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Thanks but that is not what I was looking for but I might have to use use it anyway. That is the new "rubble (top is damage) wall" that came with F&R.

The low wall and high wall that all the titles have...I cannot find the mdr. Very odd.


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Those are done "on the fly" along the set path - I don't believe there are any 3D models for that, only textures.

The FR new rubble walls are 3D models, however. The fences were the base for guiding sizing. They could be adapted into any number of things.

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@benpark Thanks. You were my next person to ask.

No 3D model. That is very interesting! It makes me wonder how the game knows the height difference for cover and concealment, stone wall, tall stone wall, brick wall, tall brick wall.

I am thinking to make an "Arabic style wall" for North Africa around a small domed mosque. But in CMFI, not CMRT. I guess I am out of luck. Using a wood fence, the cover value will be much lower.

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@benpark I know you are not Charles "brain in a jar" (poor guy, I always wonder does he (and Steve too) ever play the games he designs?)

Does the mdr file carry the data with it so if I took it over to CMFI, it retains the appropriate cover/concealment characteristics?

I can test it but figured I would ask first...

Thank you Ben

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19 minutes ago, RockinHarry said:

the mysterious walls. Who hasn´t looked for them yet? 😁 Their 3D geometry seems buried with the games hardcoded data I´d guess. For whatever reason.

They choose the good name "Fire and Rubbles" ...is a game in the game we have to find it !

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Wooow, all these years and I had never noticed that, myself. I just did a quick search through rez exploded CMSF2. There are mdr models for wire fence, stick fence, picket fence, low bocage, hedge, and fence, but the low walls and tall walls appear to be hard-coded in. 

About swapping out terrain .mdr art. My only exprience with that was replacing 'trees' with [ntc] tagged 'bush' mdrs in Cold War and the bush characteristics came along with the model. 

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