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Texture issue (no mods) on Steam

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So recently I took advantage of the free Steam key option from Matrix to move my CMBS installation over to Steam, and get my Game Engine 4 upgrade for free in the process.  I've owned CMBS since it came out, as well as almost every Combat Mission title, going back to CMBO.

So on the Steam installation, I'm clearly missing textures.  Black treads on T-90s, BTR-82s that are completely black, etc.  Doing the usual solve to check for missing or corrupted files (you have Steam check against the local files) doesn't work.  Does anyone else have this problem?  I get that Battlefront might say the usual "We don't support Steam" but it's their product on there, broken, and imagine a user coming to the product who doesn't have the experience here of what needs fixing.  It certainly doesn't look good for the product.

I posted a thread about this on the boards there, but no response yet.  So I'm trying here.  It doesn't seem right that a game is missing textures that has been through this many rounds of iterations.

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8 hours ago, Capt. Toleran said:

Gosh, all the helpful feedback, one at a time!  I can't read all these responses, the help is overwhelming....

You'll get attention eventually... it's kind of hard to get the big guns focused on threads like this. Also you didn't post in the correct section of the forum technically, but that's not really a big deal.

There are a couple problems with CMBS on steam right now, however this is the first time I've heard of these problems.

I would skip the file check steam has and try reinstalled (Because you are the first person I've heard with this issue, and very likely your game got corrupted somehow).

I just quickly tested this and didn't see any artifacting on the T90, T90M (Besides a weird texture change at around 100m distance), BTR80A, BTR82, and BTR82A


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Posted (edited)

Try this.

Extract the Z Mod folder into your data folder (it has all the files for the T-90s and BTR-82s.) We'll see if that works. Location will be drive:/Steam/steamapps/common/Combat Mission Black Sea/data


If it works it will give us an idea of what might be going wrong.

Let me know when you DLed it so I can remove it.



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