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What is the story behind US light, medium and heavy squad option?

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18 minutes ago, The_MonkeyKing said:

I wonder why do these variations exist in the game?


Wow, looks like I lost the internal betting pool.  We are 13 days released and first time someone asks this question.

Answer.  We spent days of work on this one, round and round.  So basically US mech infantry platoon still brigaded the M60s and (technically) the Dragons at the PL HQ level where they would be dolled out as the situation dictated.  This is impossible with CM so we created variation to reflect that decision and give the player flexibility in their use. 


Heavy = a bulked up squad, obviously expecting trouble.  2xM60s and the Dragon

Medium = originally we were going to only have the medium version but it was too restrictive. 

Light = 1 xM60 and no Dragon.  There were enough Dragons in the platoons and coys for one per squad but they could taken away and sent out to tank hunting teams and some squads might wind up light.  Light also does not get the extra M60.

In any standard mech infantry platoon the mix would normally be:

2 x Heavy and 1 x Med squads.  But now scenario designers can have flex in different scenarios. 

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12 minutes ago, The_MonkeyKing said:

Thanks for the clarification! Makes sense.

Oh, and actually just noticed. The amount of LAWs seem to differ as well.

Yep, so the extra LAW in the Light squad is for the AT Specialist who is short the Dragon....how is that for detail?

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