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Anyone have any idea ratio of SP WEGO|RTS?

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WEGO sometimes RTS by mistake and then I have a WTF moment think it is a bug. WEGO You can literally put you in the shoes of every individual trooper and make decisions and gather every tiny but important intel. I play on Iron, sub machinegun and binoculars it is possibly a recon unit (as an example). Possibly but not sure for hundred percent.  

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Do you limit your situational awareness to only the 1 and 2 keys?  :)

(myself, I play on warrior)

If I spot an enemy unit unlikely to move like HMG, ATG, ...  Since I have no map to mark it, I will just take screenshot of the spotting.  Maybe later hit it with some HE whether I have a contact or not.

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Posted (edited)
27 minutes ago, markshot said:

If I spot an enemy unit unlikely to move like HMG, ATG, ...  Since I have no map to mark it,

The C2 will mark it as a contact, it is the basis of the game and the reason I play on Iron. You have vertical and horizontal communication. You must make sure your unit is in communication with its HQ eventually the contact will be transmitted through it hierarchy. It is what makes playing Soviet in F&R the challenge. Example a tank rider unit. We don't want a valuable IS2 destroyed. We send a tank rider squad ahead, scout and his squad leaders' team. They spot armor now, they need to make their way back to their AFV. Upon mounting or standing next to the AFV (unbuttoned) their contact will be shared with their AFV. The AFV (with radio) will share the contact with his HQ. Your method will occur losses (my opinion) The unit with the contact is likely to score a hit before a unit without it. 


Spoiler (Seelow scenario) The squad has binoculars here is what they see. As they have been spotted by infantry the German armor is unaware. But is their infantry nearby?


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4 minutes ago, markshot said:

This text you added yourself?  (That's not the game.)

During the game I make a book as I go along. It functions as an AAR. I do it with photo processing software. That way I know the next day where I left the battle. 

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3 minutes ago, MOS:96B2P said:

This is the way I also prefer to play.  

The reason I value the M4 Sherman Easy 8 as the best all round tank in WW2. It's HQ in the game can call in air support and artillery. The C2 is the queen if you use Chess as an analogy. It enables units to strike anywhere on the battlefield. Using your PC as the C2 is well in my opinion kidding yourself. Kind regards. 

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