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7 hours ago, SeinfeldRules said:

I believe the desert camouflage uniform was only issued to soldiers deployed to an overseas desert environment.

Correct. At the time we got them to go to the Sinai for peacekeeping duties after the Camp David agreements, but other than that, we didn't get them to go the NTC for training.  At least that's how it was in the 82d.


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I was stationed at 29 Palms for almost 8 years, we started wearing desert camo starting around 1987, but it was only issued for field use, and only if it was a CAX or other high profile field exercise. I did go to the NTC twice, but the Army OPSFOR soldiers wore only Soviet uniforms. I know that the U.S. Army had a higher military budget the the Marines Corps did, but even when they came to 29 Palms for training, I didn't see them wearing chocolate chip camo until around 1986.

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Steve posted this in another thread:


"Ah, camo uniform discussions... I really like those :D

Soviets first introduced a standard camouflage field uniform (TTsKO) in 1981, but it was not in wide use for several more years.  Outside of Cold War's scope.

The US 6 color desert ("chocolate chip") uniform was developed in the mid to late 1970s as part of the post-Vietnam shift.  The desert uniform was not generally issued until the early 1980s and even then it was in short supply.  Because few US forces were deployed to desert environments there wasn't much reason to produce many.  In fact, when Desert Shield started up many units had to go to military surplus shops to purchase commercially made versions of the uniform as sufficient stocks were unavailable in military stores.  Same thing happened when OIF started up.

Which is to say neither uniform is included with Cold War.








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