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FM Company Ops with M-113?

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I used a similar plan except my platoon on the left was in the buildings along the road. I split the TOW units between the two flanks. The ones ones on the left were particularly effective.

Like you, I snuck an FO on to the central wooded ridge to rain down cluster munitions on whatever came up the middle with a squad in a reverse-slope ambush position to cover them.

It worked in the end, although my right was in danger of buckling at one point.

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I actually put only one squad split into teams in the buildings area on the left with the other 2 squads in the woods further to the left.  The woods on the left are a very good position.  When I play it as the Russians, I think my main attack will go in on the US right and center.  I will stay away from their left.   Also my original thoughts were to put one full platoon into OPs, listening posts and ambush spots but it really wasn't a good idea considering the lack of radios.  I actually managed to deploy all 3 platoons such a manner that all but one dragon detachment were in command and control.   I suspect that is the best way to use them.  Also I never did use my cluster ammo.  I kept it in reserve and the right target situation and timing never really came up.  Night time use probably would be produced some cool visual effects.  

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