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Stem the Tide scenario- very fun but soooo hard!

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Third time through this scenario and a squeezed out a draw. Not impressive, I know, but I find this a very tough nut to crack.

No real spoilers, but with the plans I've tried so far, the Russians are on top of me before I can build up a effective position. Perhaps I'm trying to get into a position too far forward.

Now that said, it's been a blast. It's a cool little map and the scramble to set up blocking positions on the fly is an exciting tactical challenge.

Back to the drawing board!

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I got a Minor US Victory in my first run through by sending 3 tanks straight up the guts towards the bridge, they died but destroyed the BMP/T64 advance and  had the other two tanks hang right at the town and tried to duel the T64s as they drove past toward the first US bridge.  Only a mauled squad managed to reach the touch objective Bridge and there was no way to put pressure on Alpha X, but got some Dragon teams to take out tanks on the other side of the river.

I'm bemused at how the Soviet Command Post could even be put under fire!

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