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putting gear on Ukrainian soldiers

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Hi, seeing that the Ukrainians are not as "equipped' with pieces of gear as US and Russian soldiers are,  I was trying to put other nations' gear on Ukrainian soldiers. For example, to put the US hydration system or the Russian back pouch onto the Ukrainians. Yet, combining the mdr files didn't work and I cannot imagine how to take the American hydration model or the Russian "butt pouch" and put them on the Ukrainian soldier. Any help would be much appreciated!

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Yeah, it's impossible to make us-gear or ru-gear to interact with other models. You cannot rename 'us_pouch' as 'ua_pouch' and make it works. This task could be done only by modding .mds files. I've been trying to solve this problem - mds. format was used by old games, as Return to Castle Wolfenstein and etc. As it turned out, BF use 'entirely different', custom mds. format. So, we aren't able to import and modify .mds files.

But you could modify the existing UA-soldiers gear, look my mods for example. You should have blender and mdr. importer (made by sbobovyc).

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