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Fleeing Altdorf - Great Small Infantry Action Scenario vs AI

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Just finished this yesterday if you are looking for a small infantry action with a novel scenario Objective this one is for you.

I really enjoyed the narrative and it was a tense game where I managed to win a minor victory. 

I won't spoil the events but something turning up at X when I had X on wrong side of the road really messed up my plan...

I will also say that I hate RPGs (unless I have them)!!! The Americans really do not have the same firepower when it comes to these annoying weapons... 

The sense of running away was perfectly conveyed...

The minor niggle was trying to learn how to use the camera in amongst the buildings to see the action, I have yet to perfect the view and getting good camera angles...

Thank you to the designer for some fun moments....

Also I would think this might be tough vs a Human Russian Oppo, but it still might be good fun....

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That is a fun one.  I thought I was winning until the last 15 minutes or so and then I lost.  As you say, something on the wrong side of the road.  

----no specific spoilers but may not want to read-----

I used bounding movement to retreat.  Two layers of defense with the forward layer leap frogging behind the rear layer of defense.  Worked very well most of the game.  I was having problems with ammo shortages fairly quickly.  Very few casualties until the end.  And yes, if those Russians get an RPG into a clump of troops, suddenly a team is down.  I didn't have the troops or the ammo to win at the end.  I will say time is important.  I also suspect if you make a particular wrong decision early in the game, you may not be able to win the scenario and not realize it until the end of the game.   

----The minor niggle was trying to learn how to use the camera in amongst the buildings to see the action--- Same here.  Basically I think using all methods of map view control, both keys and mouse, is the best approach.  Learning control of the map view has probably been my biggest frustration with CM.  LOS second.


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I had a good time with this one as well (although the game crashed on my final units dashing for the exit.)

I somehow didn't encounter the surprise you both referred to. My strategy used a lot of smoke grenades and breaching charges.

I do wish that in the deployment phase, the game showed you the units your troops can currently see or are engaged with. I did have a "Oh s*%t! They're THAT close!?" moment at the beginning. This came up in another battle as well where you push start on the first turn and enemy troops in full view suddenly appear on the map.

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