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2020 documentary on resurgence of Russian armed forces

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Though it says Red Army, there are far more time and emphasis placed of the Russian Air Force and Navy. The lack of major coverage of the Red Army per se is disappointing, but, unlike the usual weaponry-driven discourses typical of military documentaries, this one has considerable analysis, by Russian military experts in and outside of Russia, as best I can tell. The program takes the viewer to all sorts of places amazing to this former Soviet Threat Analyst during the Cold War. There is considerable discussion of the Russians in Syria, of defense policy; of real limitations in the decision makers who do not know war, unlike those who served during the GPW and later lived through the terrors of potential nuclear annihilation within an hour a handful of decades ago. There's even a look at Kalashnikov's factory rebuild (while continuing production the whole time), its total vertical integration, tracked combat robot and more.  Corruption in the arms industry is talked about, and even with Putin-initiated reforms, apparently the problem is so severe even he has to suck it up. Well worth your 49 minutes to watch his, which I believe was done by the Germans, for there was a WELT (German for world) bug on the video.


John Kettler

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