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CM Helper doesn't recognize CW

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23 minutes ago, LiveNoMore said:

Trying to get a PBEM game going and Helper doesn't recognize CW. Tried manually adding it to no avail.


Any thoughts?


I found a solution. Turns out that the path for setting the folder for the game and the .exe has to go through the "user" folder first and not directly from the Documents/C root, if it makes sense. I can post a screenshot if someone wants it. This happened for me with CW and for some reason SF2 and not all the rest of the games despite being installed in the same fashion. 

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Posted (edited)

His solution was:

Instead of clicking Documents in File Explorer (There is a "quick access" link for your downloads, documents, music, pictures etc... these are essentially shortcuts and are not real paths on your hard drive)

Navigate to your bfc folder in the documents from your hard drive (Which is found by c:/users/YOURUSERNAME/Documents/Battlefront)

Use that link instead of clicking documents on the left side (Which is really the "quick access")

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