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Vin's geometric icons CMRT

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Vin's Geometric Icons CMRT

This an updated polished set from the original set I made years ago. Improvements include diamond shape now for armor, and available nation HQ icons. If you are familiar with my other sets it uses distinctive geometric shapes for different units same as the others.

The set includes choice for spotted icons for Soviet;  blue or green(default).

Germany is red spotted icons

The FOW icons are grey(German), and olive(Soviet)

The HQ Icons default are a red star on green(soviet), and German cross on red (Germany). There is other HQ variants for Soviet to choose from like red star on blue for the blue set. To change to the blue set go into the HQ, and spotted folders and cut the "z" at the front of one folders name and paste in front of the name of the one you want to use. See how I have green selected soviet and the German HQ in the pic. You can also use the vanilla black HQ flag too.

BONUS! Comes with my arrow base mod, and easy vis command buttons that highlight the order color when hovered over. Two choices full color or just color outline. Again take the "z" in name from one and paste into name of folder you want to use to change.

You can use what you want. All set up to cherry pick, but think you will like defaults I have set.



(Sorry, just noticed I posted this in the general CMRT forum instead of mods where this should have been. If BF can move this to the mod sub forum I'd appreciate. Thanks)


Vin CMRT geometric icons.rar

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