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Rahadnak Valley Map for a quick battle?

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@chuckdyke is correct: I just cleared the Rahadnak Valley scenario out and put my own stuff in for that video.

Changing a scenario map to a QB map is pretty simple (just save it in the Quick Battles folder), though it'll probably play better if you tweak the setup zones and objectives and changing the AI plan to something generic for singleplayer QBs can be a bit of a pain.

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44 minutes ago, Hapless said:

(just save it in the Quick Battles folder),

I was only guessing I have never done it myself. In other words, you will never run out of games or scenarios. You can change some features, dates, and the weather too. Thank you. 

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Thanks guys, appreciate what should have been more obvious to me as a solution.

And keep up the good work and the content coming @Hapless.  I hope you enjoy producing these vids because many folks really enjoy following your channel and look forward to the next one.  It clearly takes planning, time, and work to make such quality content - so thanks for that.

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