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"EARLY WAR ORPHANS" rally point

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3 hours ago, kohlenklau said:

That is awesome. Thanks. But I gave it a quick look and did not see any NORTH AFRIKA scenarios! Do you?

You already have them or at least some of them! ūüėȬ† I just can't remember if I only gave you a select few or all that are in this file (there weren't many).
They are the mixed in with other theatres in this file name at that site: ATS ASL SKs  http://www3.telus.net/public/larsent/ATS On The Table/ATS SK.zip

You have to open the pdf's to find out the goodies inside as the pdf file titles do not have names only scenario numbers.

There doesn't seem to be many NA scenarios, lots of others though for other projects. Just wanted to post the link for people.

Strange that there is no separate category for NA, at least that I can see.
Being Advanced Tobruk System (ATS) you would think there would be NA links somewhere??



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21 minutes ago, Blazing 88's said:

You have to open the pdf's to find out the goodies inside as the pdf file titles do not have names only scenario numbers.

Yeah, I busted open a few and I agree. Lots of good scenarios for OTHER areas. I did not YET find the NA trove I guess. ūüėě

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2 hours ago, Erwin said:

Yes CMAK scenarios should be given a conversion where possible. I mentioned this over the years as well, probably with you in passing discussion.

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I kept at it and achieved success up to this point after a few failures (wheels disappeared). Still some work to do and then the GiMP art to make it look gorgeous.



As he said at the all women's college dorm..."THE SKIRTS MUST BE REMOVED!"


This can also be modded to look like a Barbarossa version alongside an early PzIIIG in CMRT F&R.

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I plan to use Tank Encyclopedia https://tanks-encyclopedia.com/ to help me evaluate what pairs of vehicles can BEST be modded using "mdr shenanigans".

I made up a term I will call ATA rating. "Apples to Apples" rating. There could be ATA rating (armor) or ATA-a, ATA rating (gun) or ATA-g, ATA rating (speed) or ATA-s, ATA rating (crew) or ATA-c, others probably.

The inbound vehicle is the shell mdr. The inner mdr is the host mdr. Shell/Host is the ATA basic formula.

The ATA rating helps us see if we are modding a Sturmtiger over a kubelwagen. ATA-a would be a very high number, the thickness of the real armor 150mm divided by the sheet metal of the passenger car, 1mm? ATA-a = 150. ATA-s would be low number, < 1...maybe .4-.5

So, the best mdr shell and host combinations are if these ATA's are near 1. 

The process starts by having a need. You need a certain vehicle for a certain timeframe of the war. The abandoned "early war timeframe"...

I am working the PzIVD over the PzIIIN and I think the ATA's look good. I am eyeballing doing a T-34/76 Model 1941 over a T-34/76 Model 1942 and I think that will also have good ATA's of around 1. Maybe not the ATA-c. It would be 1.25 as the older vehicle had just 4 men, the newer Mickey Mouse turret supported an extra guy. Sorry, Boris, somebody must be shot. 

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