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In honor of the 80th Anniversary of the Tobruk battles!

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In a CMRT forum thread it was so funny that a couple guys mentioned Tobruk. AND another recent thread on map size had me recollect a crash of the game when I was testing a CMFI Afrika Mod Tobruk defenses map with like 220 strands of barbed wire...

AND it was recently Easter...

So, please, in the honor of those fine men it seems fitting to offer, upon the 80th anniversary of the battles, if you so desire, download this CMFI scenario "Tobruk Digger Easter Rev III" and the mods folder for some cool stuff to see in the scenario and a readme txt file.


Oh, and here is the briefing for the above scenario. PLAY ONLY AS HUMAN ALLIES VS AXIS AI!

It is early morning on a day of Easter weekend in April 1941. The mild temperatures of the night are over and as the greatcoats come off here in the desert the temperature will now slowly climb until it is warm soon and eventually even hot later in the afternoon. The khamsin winds blow strong from the southeast reducing visibility. You are in a concrete Italian-built strongpoint on the so called "Red Line" outer ring of defenses around Tobruk, Libya. Your strongpoint, designated R33, is integrated with anti-tank ditches, barbed wire and minefields.
Defend R33 and your sector from enemy incursion. (The enemy has hidden touch objectives worth various points.)
In this battle your initial focus is 3 Section, 10 Platoon, D Coy, 2/17 Australian Battalion, 20th Australian Brigade, 9th Australian Division. Section Leader: Corporal "Blue" Donnelson. Also assigned to R33 is a Vickers HMG. A D Coy Forward Observer is in the company area and has a radio link to the battalion mortars and the Royal Horse Artillery 25-pounders. Your platoon leader is inspecting the other strongpoints in the platoon sector and should be along shortly.
Machine-Gun Battalion 8 is commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Gustav Ponath. Though reduced in numbers from the 1200 that arrived a month ago at Tripoli to about 300 now, they are well equipped, experienced and highly motivated opponents. Their goal is to penetrate the defenses and create a hole for the tanks of the 5th Panzer Regiment.
Your score on this battle determines the follow on battle. Achieve an extremely difficult Total Victory by keeping the Germans from touching anywhere on your side of the wire and the next battle would be on the same map with their renewed efforts to breach the wire. Anything less than a Total Victory and the next battle will assume the axis have successfully penetrated into the Tobruk defenses and be on a different map. However, a "player feedback battle" will open after this current battle concludes to more accurately branch off as the story continues. Note that the spirit of your defense and success in eliminating the enemy will be of great assistance in future battles.

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