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 I have been practising ambush tactics in heavy forest cover. The scenario I am working from in this case is Boy's vs. Men from CMBN. Spoilers follow!


Forest settings create a set of way points that more resemble star constellations than a grid.  Unfortunate gaps and disastrous clumping (1 grenade and ouch!) can result.

In this case, a fair hard obstacle run and short set up time before the Axis shows.


I've been trying to add the screen shot but for some reason I am only allow 53k which is too low resolution. Will try a follow up to begin. Hopefully...

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Here are 2 pics: the first an overview of Boy's vs. Men and the next a close up of the area on the top left of the first.


Plotted are all the available waypoints and it looks to form the outline of an open bird mouth (or something). Axis is coming down from the north on the west side and is rolling east towards the blue value points on the large map. The middle (open part of the mouth and lower part of the upper beak) is where I would be making the ambush.  The north east is STUG land and you do not want to go there! 

You can see the outline for a 3 squad formation - west side and likewise on the east side are the only places where the CM engine can place a 3 squad formation. Any other plot point (moving along the blue move line plotting) yields 1 square only for the entire platoon. If you break the platoon and place each in a square you wind up with too much of a gap between them and if you place all in one square they clump. Either way yields unfavourable results and most die.  


I have worked out my way of doing this and would gladly talk it thorough with anyone interested. But I am curious as to how anyone with more experience handles this?

You have about 4 minutes before Axis shows up for the party and it takes 2 minutes to get everyone to the where the 'quick' plot line end at the bottom of big bird mouth.



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I should say my game here is to have the least amount of casualties with maximum infliction of same. I've practised it a few times and will do some more.

@mjkernerTit is very easy to lose most of what you got as AXIS has so much. The images more recently posted look way clearer (also my thinking). There is a company with a 4STUGs and 2HMGs set up for cover. One is given a company but you can't fit that into the defending area without exposing yourself. The latest picture includes fields of fire. Red target fire is are no placement areas as they tend to get wiped out and yellow a potential placement. Another complication is that AXIS using the forest for a screen only and are not penetrating so you can't place yourself too far back. IOW the whole middle area that has no way points!


I will keep trying with my image fiasco.

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11 hours ago, KGBoy said:

Alas no image as yet!

Make sure to get a link from imgur that end with .jpg (or whatever image file you use). You could also try to add the name of your image after B8whnrk/ which is the end of the link.

The picture below has the link ending with /qFGarvd_d.webp which you get if you choose to look at the imgur picture in a new tab or new window.


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