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Your no wall appears after a nearly no wall - looks like this ...


The image on the left is what it will look like before CTRL click to remove the wall entirely.  You just need to make sure that you do your click on a bit of the wall that is still there as sometimes the computer thinks you're clicking on another wall.  If you have two buildings joined together to make a big warehouse, you need to remove the walls on both sides.

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6 hours ago, weapon2010 said:

thanks that worked, anyway to give one big roof onto a warehouse instead of multiple small ones?

Each building will have it's own roof but you can make it look like one big roof.  If the roofs are the same style and face the same direction for one long row of buildings.  If you have multiple rows of buildings (three wide nine long or something) then a flat roof will work for titles that let you select a flat roof.  However, I don't think CMFB allows flat roof selection. 

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